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3 20 08752 pic 2 side view

[32008752] Harman 4 RPM feed motor 3-20-08752 - OEM part


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Appears in: Harman Pellet Stove Parts

This Harman 4 RPM CCW Auger motor fits the Harman Advance, Accentra FS, and XXV models that have the Chain Drive Feed System ONLY (Manufactured before June 2009.) If you have a direct drive feed system in one of these models you will need the 4 RPM auger motor part #3-20-00677. Designed for the following models: Accentra FS ( serial # 008400001 and lower) Advance (serial # 008360001 and lower) XXV (serial # 12871 and lower) 3-20-08752-pic-2-side-view.JPG